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The Omega Center is a global initiative and is formed by a network of many partnerships around the world. We encourage you to explore the following partners for their offerings and events:



Cynthia BourgeaultRev. Cynthia Bourgeault is an Episcopal priest, writer, and retreat leader. She is founding director of the Aspen Wisdom School, principal teacher for The Contemplative Society, and a core faculty member of The CAC Living School for Action and Contemplation.

Cynthia travels broadly to teach and lead her unique process of transformative learning and practice at her popular Wisdom Schools. She is the author of nine books, including  the most recent  The Heart of Centering Prayer: Nondual Christianity in Theory and Practice. You can find out more about Cynthia and her work HERE.


Online e-Course available on demand: TEILHARD FOR OUR TIMES with CYNTHIA BOURGEAULT
In this much anticipated e-course hosted by Spirituality and Practice, master teacher and Omega Center partner Cynthia Bourgeault will lead you step by step into the heart of Teilhard de Chardin — both figuratively and literally. Through 15 email messages scheduled at your own pace, you will learn your way around the basic building blocks of “The Teilhardian Synthesis,” his great overarching vision. You’ll catch moving glimpses of his life and the spiritual resources he drew on to keep himself going through long years of struggle and exile. You’ll get to work with some of these resources through spiritual practices based directly on Teilhard’s writings. Register HERE.



Richard RohrThe Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) supports a new reformation—from the inside. The CAC is a center for experiential education, rooted in the Gospels, encouraging the transformation of human consciousness through contemplation, and equipping people to be instruments of peaceful change in the world.

The CAC supports the world-renowned ecumenical ministry of Richard Rohr, OFM. As founder of the CAC and Academic Dean of the Living School, Fr. Richard’s teachings form the basis of the organization’s vision and ongoing work. For more about the work and offerings of the CAC visit


Omega Australia LogoOMEGA AUSTRALIA

Omega Australia is a group of people who desire to live, pray and deepen their consciousness of the power of Love at the heart of the universe drawing all into oneness in Christ. We gather to:

  • support and nurture each other on this journey;
  • strengthen our communion;
  • contemplate together and touch the Source of that union;
  • share insights, discoveries and questions that arise from reading and reflecting alone;
  • explore ways of living Christ consciousness in everyday life;
  • create ways of enabling the spread of the morphogenic field of Christic, one-ing Love in our field of influence.

We endeavour in such gatherings to create a network of support and encourage other groups to form, so that, loosely linked together we may help:

  • develop the new field of consciousness emerging in our times;
  • move the world towards greater healing and wholeness;
  • deepen Christ-consciousness and creative union in the world.

We invite anyone who resonates with this vision to participate in a web-based conversational group so as to enable the vision of evolving towards greater wholeness to become more and more a reality.

If you are interested in partaking in our group exchange please email: with your details. This group exchange is moderated and the owners’ reserve the right to determine the appropriateness of posts and membership.


British Teilhard Network

British Teilhard Network image

The British Teilhard Network promotes the work and vision of the priest-scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – a vision of love, of fire, of convergence, of a world in evolution energised by spirit, a vision of dynamism and direction – of a universe in movement towards its ultimate consummation or completion in a ‘universal cosmic centre’ or ‘centre of centres’. They offer information, resources, reading lists, and event listings on their website at


British Teilhard Network Event: February 22, 2018 – SIX PROPOSITIONS DAY – A Teilhard Conference and play about Teilhard at Edinburgh University.

In 1925 the controversial Jesuit priest and scientist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was ordered to assent to Six Propositions. They included highly conservative teachings on Original Sin and on Adam and Eve. Until now their content has been unknown but it will be made public for the first time at the University of Edinburgh. The surrounding issues will be presented with interpretation and discussion. The day will include professional actors performing a staged reading of “Inquisition”, a new play by Paul Bentley which dramatizes Teilhard’s dilemma when faced with
the Six Propositions: forced to believe in either the Bible or science.

Thursday 22 February
11.00am – 4.30pm
School of Divinity, New College, Mound Place, Edinburgh, EH1 2LX
Sponsored by the British Teilhard Association and the University of Edinburgh

The event is free but ticketed. Details can be found here.




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