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Greg Hansell

Gregory R. Hansell is a visionary executive with experience in both educational nonprofits and tech startups, Greg brings an interest in the science and religion dialogue, the spiritual meaning of technology, and particular foci in complexity science, evolutionary theory, and developmental philosophies. A long-time reader of the work of Sr. Ilia Delio, Greg believes the Omega Center represents a bold new spiritual vision that will address the deep divisions and spiritual yearnings of our time.

Most recently, Greg co-founded and served as Chief Product Officer of A Better World, a social enterprise and virtual world gaming platform encouraging social good, positive mindsets, and social causes. Over 4,000,000 players in more than 130 countries performed more than 40,000,000 acts of real world good through the platform. Greg was creator of the core game concept and managed the international teams that brought the game to life. He was also co-founder and Executive Director of BetterWorldians Foundation, a 501©3 nonprofit dedicated to themes such as faith and spirituality, self-improvement, positive psychology, and technology as a force for good, promoted through podcasts, social media campaigns, and business outreach.

Prior to those companies, Greg served for years as Managing Director of Global Communications and Information Technology at Metanexus Institute, a global transdisciplinary organization with more than 200 projects in 42 countries. Metanexus is a “big questions” academic institution focusing on areas such as the science and religion dialogue, world religions, and human flourishing. During his time at Metanexus, Greg launched and managed several global web projects including a global network connecting the institute’s numerous projects and programs, and an award winning international online magazine.

Greg holds an B.A. from Swarthmore College, an M.A. from Union Theological Seminary, and is a theology PhD student at Villanova University. He lives in Wayne, PA with his wife Samantha, daughter Tabitha, and son Griffin. Greg is the proud owner of what Samantha calls “way too many books” as well as a garage stacked with technical gizmos and a collection of fine wines.

Greg has also been a guest contributor to the Omega Center. You can read his blog here.




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