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The vision for Omega Groups is to transform lives and heal our world through communal reflection and collective spiritual practice based in Teilhardian insight.

Where the Omega Center’s online magazine and resources provide conceptual resources for understanding God and Cosmos anew, the Omega Groups are envisioned as crucibles of transformation wherein these new concepts can find deep spiritual resonance and innovation.

More than simply gatherings for dialogue, we anticipate Omega Groups ultimately as laboratories of divine love, intimate communal opportunities for the renewal of spirituality. We believe the spiritual yearning of our time will be answered through the earnest experimentation of innovative devotional communities. While we plan to provide intellectual and organizational resources to help these groups grow and flourish, our hope is that each Omega Group will develop its own unique approach to spiritual embodiment and transformation, offering to the world its singular and distinct reinventions of celebration and ceremony.

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Omega Australia

Omega Australia is a group of people who desire to live, pray, and deepen their consciousness of the power of Love at the heart of the universe drawing all into oneness in Christ. They endeavour in such gatherings to create a network of support and encourage other groups to form, so that, loosely linked together we may help develop the new field of consciousness emerging in our times, move the world towards greater healing and wholeness, and deepen Christ-consciousness and creative union in the world.

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