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Dear Friends of the Omega Center,

Thank you for reading the New Creation posts on our website and to those who have responded—a big thank you. Some of the responses are extremely insightful and I encourage you to respond to one another. I am not able to respond to your comments because I am teaching my courses online and must respond to my students who are grappling with many things right now. It is especially difficult for the Seniors, who spent four years waiting to cross the threshold at graduation. It will be a very different year than the one they had planned.

These are the times that mark our lives—where plans can change at the blink of an eye and life as we know it has come to an abrupt halt—as if stepping out to cross the street and seeing a car speeding up the road.

You have heard me say many times that we need a new paradigm—now more than ever—there is no other way forward than a radical change in our structures. A friend of mine said to me last week, “it is as if the whole earth is the cell and we humans are the virus.” “Wow,” I said, “that is disturbing!” Yet, the COVID-19 virus is impelling us to look in the mirror to see what we have become.

I will speak to this new paradigm at our ZOOM conversation next Friday, April 3rd at 4:00 p.m. There will be time for Q&A’s. I hope you will join us.

Until then stay inside, find God in the midst of everything, reflect on your own desires, never fail to dream and live in hope. Life always seeks more life. After 13.8 billions years of life in the Big Bang cosmos and 4.2 billion years of earth life, do we really think God will wipe this slate clean? Absolutely not; God is doing new things and it is time to rediscover this God who is in the pandemic crisis with us and who will not fail us; for God is beyond us. God is the power of the future.

Blessings and peace,
Sr. Ilia

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Ilia...imagine me sitting in a little adobe house here in a Zapotec pueblo where we have been 18 yrs as Lay missioners. I am listening to everything I can find on YouTube as you explain the new paradigm for this axial moment in our ongoing evolution. I listen many times because it is a new language and I am 81. I just want to give you a big hug because you put it all together and help me also to understand better Teilhard whom I love and hope I didnt misspell his name. I pray for you and all this hope in the midst of chaos which will move us on. Thank you
Mary Gill
San Andre's Huayapam, Oaxaca Mexico, OR
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