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Christianity, Ecology, and the Unity of All Things

Friday, August 21st, 4:00 pm – 5:30pm, ET USA (UTC/GMT-4)
Drawing on the Christian tradition of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, eco-theologian Mark Wallace will explore a vision of God in all things through a new but ancient vision where Spirit enfleshes itself within everything that grows, walks, flies, and swims on Earth.

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Teilhard, Original Sin, and the Possibilities of Matter

What kind of theology can we make out of evolution? If God pronounced the creation ‘very good’, why are there evil and sin in the world? And if God is all-powerful, why doesn’t God do something about it? The answers might surprise you!
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The God Revolution: Beyond Racism and the Remaking of Religion

The 21st century needs a God Revolution. We must seek to redefine a God of creative love by seeking to renew a God in love entangled with a dynamic, unfinished universe. The future is open and ours to create; the COVID-19 crisis and our political unrest is an urgent invitation to remake our world.
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The Sacrament of Everyday Life

A new God consciousness calls for a rebirth of religion. Eucharist is more of a quantum entanglement of our lives and God’s life, a sacred exchange, so that our lives becomes God’s life and God’s life becomes our lives. This is the only way God can break into the world.

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Hope in a Time of Crisis

These are very strange times, as we hover between a virus pandemic and an economic recession. The scare of COVID-19 has pervaded the entire globe. But we do hope. It is the main impulse of life.
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Seeking Wholeness in an Age of Fragments

In this webinar, we discussed how Teilhard saw evolution as filled with conflicting forces of resistance, and how contemplation may be the most radical choice we can make for a world struggling toward unity in love […]

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