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If you host a public Omega Discussion Group, please let us know

We will be starting a page on our website to list groups who are open to the public and interested in reflection and discussion of the Omega Center blogs and other content. Please email us at to let us know about your group, and include the time and location of your meeting and a contact email or phone number.

If you would like to start a group in your area see below:

Suggestions for Starting an Omega Discussion Group – by Ilia Delio

  1. Invite one or more persons into discussion by sharing what challenges you on the website with at least one other person.
  2. The discussion should be focused on content since the aim of the website is to think, that is, to deepen our understanding and to form new horizons of insight.
  3. Download or print out the blog for the week and have each person in the group read it in silence and solitude. Or each person may listen to the recorded conversation for the month.
  4. Gather together around the blog or conversation. Begin by allowing each person to talk about the content:  What was your overall impression of the reading or conversation?
  5. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, pause in silence, then go around the room again.
  6. This time focus on what aspects of the reading/conversation were challenging. After everyone has spoken, pause in silence for 5 minutes.
  7. Go around the room again and focus on what aspects of the blog/conversation are inspiring. After everyone has spoken, pause in silence.
  8. Finally go around the room and ask in what ways are these new insights calling us to change our lives. This final go-around should allow openness to comments and cross-fertilization of ideas, allaying fears and offering some other resources that may be of help to the group.
  9. The group should conclude their time together by offering one another the sign of peace and sharing light food and drink.

NOTE: Meeting in person is ideal, but if you don’t have others to gather with in your vicinity consider forming a virtual group. You can invite friends and others sharing your interest to meet with you using online technologies such as Skype, Google Plus, or free conference calling services.

You can download a pdf copy of Starting an Omega Discussion Group HERE


We would be very interested to hear back about your group discussion experiences. Email us at

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