Teilhard de Chardin’s Birthday

Teilhard de Chardin was born May 1, 1881. He would be 139 years old today.

Driven by the forces of love, the fragments of the world seek each other
so that the world may come to being. Teilhard de Chardin


“Teilhard de Chardin had a vision for a new world rising up from the old one. … We are the heirs of a brilliant mind who may well be the primary architect of a new church in an emerging world. Through the eyes of Teilhard we see that the old wineskins of Christianity can no longer hold the new wine of our time. The construction of Christian doctrine, including our understanding of God, salvation and redemption, was done in ages past, based on a cosmology that is no longer true.This does not mean that our doctrine is irrelevant; the core principles are still held to be revelatory of divine mystery. Our understanding of those core principles, however, principles of a living God, evokes new insights and dimensions consonant with our place in this expanding universe.”  Ilia Delio, From Teilhard to Omega

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Drawing on the Christian tradition of the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove, as well as beliefs of Indigenous and non-Western spiritual communities, eco-theologian Mark Wallace will explore a vision of God in all things through a new but ancient vision where Spirit enfleshes itself within everything that grows, walks, flies, and swims on Earth.

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